Advanced Nutrition: Orthomolecular Medicine Defined

November 10, 2008

From Time Magazine-The Year in Pictures, Linus  Pauling  

"Far and  away the century's greatest chemist, Pauling was the only person ever to win  two unshared Nobel prizes-one for chemistry, one for his efforts to promote  world peace.  He revolutionized the study  of chemical bonds, and his work on DNA laid the foundation for Crick and  Watson's Noble-winning discovery of the double helix. (Side Bar: Crick &  Watson stole the winning formulas for the Double Helix from a Polish woman I  saw this on PBS. .  Pauling would have most likely won the Nobel  Prize if all his mental energies were focused on and only on the Double  Helix.)   After World War II, antinuclear advocacy cost  him his passport (red-faced officials relented in 1954 so Pauling could pick up  chemistry prize in Stockholm) but eventually won him the peace prize in 1962.  In 1975, awarded a long denied National Medal  of Science, Pauling quipped, "I don't know whether the government has  deteriorated or I have."  In 1991, 20  years after he scandalized fellow scientists by endorsing vitamin C as a  treatment for the common cold and for cancer, Pauling himself contracted prostate  cancer.  Until he died peacefully at 93,  he continued to do research at his Big Sur ranch, which commanded a view as  grand as his own sweeping vision."


Linus  Pauling was born 1901 and died 1994.  Pauling  became one of the founders of the new science of quantum chemistry. His graduate research involved the use of X-ray diffraction to  determine the structure of crystals.  He  received his Ph.D. in physical chemistry and mathematical physics, summa cum  laude.  Pauling became one of the first  scientists in the field of quantum chemistry and a pioneer in the  application of quantum theory to the structure of molecules.  At Caltech, Pauling became friends with theoretical  physicist Robert Oppenheimer (the Manhattan Project leader).  The two men planned to mount a joint attack  on the nature of the chemical bond.  In  the 1930's Pauling began publishing papers on the nature of chemical  bonds.  Leading to his famous textbook on  the subject published in 1939.  This  research led Pauling to receiving the Nobel Prize in Chemistry in 1954.  Pauling summarized his work on the chemical  bond in The Nature of the Chemical Bond one of the most influential books EVER  published.

Molecular  Genetics- In 1949 Pauling along with other scientist published in the journal Science the first proof of a human disease caused by an abnormal protein.  Using electrophoresis, they  demonstrated that individuals with sickle cell disease had a modified  form of hemoglobin in their red blood cells, and that individuals  with sickle cell trait had both normal and abnormal forms of hemoglobin.  This was also the first demonstration that Mendelian  inheritance determined the specific physical properties of proteins, not  simply their presence or absence- the dawn of molecular genetics.

In 1951  Pauling gave a lecture entitled, Molecular Medicine.  Pauling coined the term "Orthomolecular" to  refer to the practice of varying concentrations of substances normally present  in the body to prevent and treat disease.   His ideas formed the basis of orthmolecular medicine, which is  not generally practiced by conventional medical professionals and is strongly  critized by some.

Pauling's  contribution to science is held by many in the utmost regard.  He was included in a list of the 20 greatest  scientist of all time by the magazine New Scientist, with Albert  Einstein being the only other scientist from the 20th century on the  list.  Gautam Desiraju the author of the  Millennium Essay in Nature claimed Pauling was one of the greatest thinkers and  visionaries of the millennium, along with Galilio, Newton, and Einstein.  Pauling was notable for the diversity of his  interests: quantum mechanics, inorganic chemistry, organic chemistry, protein  structure, molecular biology, and medicine.   His work on chemical bonding marks the beginning of modern quantum  chemistry.

Francis  Crick acknowledges that Pauling's discovery of sickle cell anemia as a "molecular  disease" opened the way toward examining genetically acquired mutations at  a molecular level.

Though  the scientific community at large did not agree with Pauling's conclusions in  his vitamin- related medical research and writing, his entry into the fray gave  a larger voice in the publics mind to nutrients such as (vitamins and minerals  for disease PREVENTION.)

Fast forward  to 1993 when Lester Packer, PH.D. Director of the Packer Lab, University of  California at Berkeley and author of The Antioxidant Miracle.  Packer met Pauling in 1993 when he was to  give the commencement speech at the University of California at Berkeley.  Before the graduation ceremony, as we donned  our caps and gowns, I described the antioxidant NETWORK to Dr. Pauling and the  recent studies performed in my laboratory that had shown a synergism among  specific antioxidants.  Although Dr.  Pauling was intrigued by the concept, he was not convinced.  To Dr. Pauling, the story began and ended  with vitamin C.  I like to think if Dr.  Pauling had lived long enough to read this book, I might have made a convert  out of him.

"Antioxidants  are the key to twenty-first century medicine" Dr. Lester Packer explains the  importance of these wondrous micronutrients- and which ones to take and  why.  I could not practice medicine  without antioxidants especially lipoic acid.  Read the Antioxidant Miracle.  And find out why you should never be without  your dose of lipoic acid

-Fred  Pescatore M.D. author of- Thin For Good and Feed Your Kids Well.

Dr.  Bernard Rimland has emphasized Pauling's point by suggesting that conventional  medicine, which uses DRUGS, be called toximolecular medicine.  American medicine is NOT based on  preventative health care.  It is based on  treating illness once things have gone wrong.   This is the wrong approach to HEALTH CARE!  How does one maintain good health?  First and foremost eating a diet rich in  fruits and vegetables.  Eating a well  balanced diet consisting of legumes, 100% whole-wheat carbohydrates.  And lean proteins from fish, turkey, chicken  that aren't fed any artificial hormones.   Drinking plenty of pure water and eating every three hours to maintain  balanced insulin levels in the body.   Giving the body 6-8 hours of sleep every night.  Avoiding trans-fats at all cost and keeping  saturated fats down to around 15 grams per day.   Exercise four times per week with weight bearing exercises to keep bone  density up and keep the body firm and tight.   Along with cardiovascular training 3-6 times per week keeping your heart  rate in its target zone.  Using interval  training to raise and lower your heart rate is the most effective form of  cardiovascular training to raise your Vo2 Max and loose weight.  While weight training as your body builds  more muscle mass will keep your metabolism elevated throughout the day not just  while your training.

And along  with all the above-mentioned ways to maintain optimum health are taking the  NETWORK ANTIOXIDANTS.  What are network  antioxidants?  They are a group of  natural substances that you eat in the food you consume.  Or in supplemental form are taken to GREATLY  increase the strength of your immune system.   To literally make your body more impervious to disease!

FREE  RADICALS- Are unstable molecules that can damage cell structures and can  ultimately lead to a myriad of cancers and other diseases.  The key to good health is to maintain the  proper balance between antioxidants and free radicals.  This is the job of the body's antioxidant  network.  In Europe and other countries  many natural substances are being used by doctors to treat many diseases.  The United States has the most advanced  medical system in the world.  But we lag  far behind Europe in non traditional treatments.  The pharmaceutical industry is a  multi-billion dollar industry.  Just one  example of how the industry is corrupt-Advertisements for Tylenol which is made  of acidamitiphin and is extremely poisonous they handed it out in more hospitals in the US to  treat pain then anything else!

Most  doctors were educated that supplements weren't needed.  That taking medicine is the way to treat  illness.  The best way to treat the body  is through prevention.  And SCIENCE has  discovered how NATURAL substances when taken in OPTIMUL amounts can enhance the  body's defense network.  As the old  saying goes a once of prevention is worth a pound of cure.  Welcome to a new world of preventative  medicine, that is 100% natural.

The  important thing to remember is that each of the NETWORK ANTIOXIDANTS works in  synergy together.   Each has an important  function within your cells where the antioxidant offers it's protective  functions.  Each of the NETWORK  ANTIOXIDANTS is greater then the sum of it's parts.  And when combined they are a juggernaut  against the lethal forces of (OXIDATION).

1) Vitamin  C water-soluble antioxidant, not produced by the body.  A potent free radical quencher, and is  essential for a strong immune system.   People who take vitamin C supplements live longer, healthier lives then  those who don't.

2) Alpha  Lipoic Acid until recently was thought of as a relatively unimportant antioxidant.  From research performed at the Packer Lab  research proved that Lipoic Acid is the most versatile and powerful antioxidant  in the entire network.  Some of the  amazing things Lipoic Acid do within the body. 1-Offers protection from stroke  and heart disease (3rd leading cause of death in the Western  world.  2-It's the only antioxidant that  can boost levels of GLUTATHIONE within the body.

3) Vitamin  E- The body's primary fat-soluble antioxidant and must be obtained from food or  supplements.  Vitamin E travels through  the body in molecules called lipoproteins and protects them from  oxidation.  The oxidation of lipoproteins  is believed to be the first step in the formation of (arteriosclerosis),  hardening of the arteries.  Which can  lead to heart disease.

4) Coenzyme  Q10- is a fat-soluble molecule that works synergistically with vitamin E in the  antioxidant cycle to protect the fatty part of the cell from free radical  damage.  CoQ10 is an effective treatment  for heart failure, angina, and high blood pressure.

All of  these antioxidants work together recycling each other and making the others  stronger then the sum of their individual parts. Knowledge is power and for the  first time in human history we have the knowledge and power to make significant  inroads into eradicating disease and maintaining health, and ultimately  controlling our destiny.

The basic  antioxidant cocktail

A.M  Supplement Regimen P.M Supplement Regimen
Vitamin E  Family

            100 mg  tocotrienols

            200 mg  mixed tocopherols   
Vitamin E Family

            200 mg  natural alpha tocopherol

            30 mg Co Q10
Lipoic  Acid

            50 mg
Lipoic Acid

            50 mg
Vitamin C

            250 mg ester C

Vitamin C

            250 mg  ester vitamin C




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