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Membership Price Chart

Level Price
Day Pass ( All Day ) $10.00
Week $15.00
Month $20.00
6 Months Returning Members $100
1 Year Returning Members $149
1 Year New Member Special $100 Cash with 1 free personal training session by appointment.
Personal training rate $35.

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Member Comments

"After a disastrous competition prep that left me physically and mentally depleted, I was weary about venturing into training again.
Once I made the decision to return to training, I first searched for a local gym that could accommodate the level of fitness that I aspired to achieve. After visiting several in the area, I chose Eastmans.
Initially, I observed but did not engage John Eastman. Almost immediately he made an impression on me with his attention to detail and personal knowledge about each member of his gym.
A month later I approached John about personal training. I explained my history and apprehension relative to my recent experiences. John's nature is very calm, open, insightful and informed. I felt at ease with him and confident that he understood my goals. Not only does John possess a wealth of knowledge related to a range of fitness topics, but he is not opposed to learning something new, which is a rare characteristic.
I began to train with John three mornings per week. Each morning, John would be prepared with a written plan. As we progressed through our workouts, he would log my strength and progress within the plan he had created. It didn't take long before I began to see results and restore my strength.
In John's work, there's no such thing as "winging it". This is also reflected in other aspects of John's life, including the cleanliness of his gym and his commitment to his own fitness.
John helped me to get back on track in a healthy way, find my passion for training again, (and pushes me to compete again).
Lastly, but by no means the least of importance, John is a man of integrity. He can be trusted.
I enjoy my mornings at Eastmans. John, as a person and a trainer, and his gym, can be credited with this!"
— Member, Jennifer Cameron

"John has been training me for 6 months now and it's one of the best decisions I've ever made. I always thought I was up to date on proper fitness techniques, but my motivation has been lacking. Additionally, I have a few old injuries that haunt me. John has motivated me to get back into shape and he has opened my eyes to correct technique and form when exercising, preventing further injury. John works around my existing injuries to build muscle where vulnerable and I'm already stronger and in less pain.
Not only is John extremely knowledgeable in fitness/exercise, but he's also very up-to-speed with appropriate nutrition. Exercise is only half the battle, nutrition is the other half and it's very valuable to come to one place, work with one person, and come out with top-notch knowledge in fitness AND nutrition. Eastman's Fitness is a family friendly atmosphere, flavored with John's great attitude and willingness to help people, making Eastman's Fitness a pleasure to be at. Not only is John a great trainer, but a genuine and caring friend. I recommend Eastman's Fitness to anyone who's looking to make health and fitness a priority in their life."
— Member, Don Leblanc

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